After the popularity of the inaugural 2014 PBS Works Webinar Series, we are excited to announce our PBS Works webinar topics and content for 2015.

In this year’s webinar series, our experts will provide valuable and practical information on using and administering PBS Works products, showcasing the solutions the suite has to offer, and highlighting our customers’ successes.  Great for all knowledge levels, the PBS Works webinars help attendees continue to learn how to optimize the HPC, CAE/PLM & Cloud infrastructure experience with PBS Works.


Who Should Attend?

  • IT managers and administrators
  • HPC/cluster systems directors
  • Infrastructure purchase decision-makers
  • HPC hardware and technology vendors
  • End users of CAE/PLM applications
  • Department heads & decision makers of CAE/PLM applications
  • Design engineers with an interest in the infrastructure software that manages their applications


Webinar Descriptions


Software Asset Optimization: Right-Sizing Global Software Investments

In this webinar, our expert will explain how Altair’s powerful Software Asset Optimization (SAO) solution can be used to measure and analyze utilization of all software licenses, to ensure software investments are tightly mapped to business goals and priorities. Altair SAO enables visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments and users. Watch on demand>>>


Managing Big Data with Altair’s Remote Visualization and Workload Management Portals

In this webinar, HPC admins along with users and decision makers will learn how Altair’s Compute Manager and Display Manager products work together to allow end users to visualize the big data/large results generated from applications that run on HPC.  Attendees will see a demo walkthrough that provides a close-up user's perspective on how to submit batch and interactive jobs and visualize the results using Altair's results and remote visualization technology.  The demos will show how this technology can be used in private, public and hybrid cloud/HPC environments. Watch on demand>>>


Announcing PBS Professional 13.0: Product Launch Overview

In this webinar, PBS Works CTO Bill Nitzberg will unveil details of the new PBS Professional 13.0 product, the latest release of Altair’s leading HPC workload management solution. Attendees will see scalability testing results and learn how to take advantage of the new features in this milestone release, such as cgroups and power management. Watch on demand>>>


Enhancing your PBS Professional Installation with cgroups

In this webinar, Altair’s PBS Professional product manager will provide an overview of the Control Groups (cgroups) feature which eliminates resource contention so jobs run faster and don’t interfere with each other or the OS. The session will include a popular cgroups implementation overview and a primer on how to work with cgroups within a PBS installation. Watch on demand>>>