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Airbus Defence and Space | STRENGTH2000

Using STRENGTH2000® for Airframe and Stability Analysis *

STRENGTH2000® analyzes the reserve factors and supports the detailed sizing of metallic and composite aircraft structures. It provides a very efficient, reliable and traceable work-flow for strength and stability analysis in order to support fast sizing studies as well as check stress and qualification tasks.


AnalySwift | SwiftComp MicroMechanics

SwiftComp: Right Results, Right Away

Drawing on cutting-edge university research, SwiftComp™ provides an efficient yet accurate tool for computational modeling of composite materials and structures. It can be used either independently as a tool for virtual testing of composites or as a plugin to power conventional FEA codes with high-fidelity modeling for composites.


CAEfatigue Ltd. | CAEfatigue VIBRATION

Recent Advances - Vibration Fatigue for Aerospace Systems

New advances for the analysis and design of aerospace systems significantly expand the application areas where the methods can be used, the ease of use in terms of applying the methods, the size and complexity of models that can be processed, as well as a significant reduction in the associated analysis time.


Componeering | ESAComp

ESAComp for composite structures design and verification in the Aerospace Industry

This webinar provides an overview on how to use ESAComp to efficiently tackle daily tasks concerning laminate design (incl. handling different environments, strength sets, probabilistic laminate analysis), design of structural elements (e.g. panels), and design verification (application of selected failure criteria and computation of reserve factors or margins of safety).


ESRD | StressCeck

StressCheck Solutions for the Modern Aerospace Industry

StressCheck has become the “Go-To” tool in the aerospace industry for analysis of critical components, sub-assemblies and assemblies in the areas of detailed stress analysis, fracture mechanics, composite materials and many other applications exhibiting challenging detailed linear or non-linear behavior.


e-Xstream | Digimat

Composites material modeling for Aerospace Applications using Digimat

For Aeronautics applications, the knowledge of an expected damage in a composite structures would offer a new potential in the sizing process and reduce the un-necessary conservatisms –based on the First Ply Failure- that yields to overdesigned components. Digimat contains a complete framework for progressive Failure Modeling that allow to capture more accuretly the failure scenario that can happen during the working conditions.



DSHplus Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuator Models for Aerospace Applications

This webinar will demonstrate how DSHplus is able to support the general engineering of aircraft hydraulic systems with simulation models at typical system level detail as well as with high-fidelity physical models, which allow a comprehensive performance analysis and which also support simulation driven optimization techniques, to improve the system's performance.


HBM nCode | DesignLife

Fatigue Life Analysis of Aircraft Undercarriage Components *

Aircraft landing gears are exposed to a wide range of loading from events that include taxi, takeoff, landing and braking during a flight. To ensure durability of the gear, fatigue analysis must be performed using a load history that is representative of each event that occurs throughout the life of the designed aircraft. This webinar will explain methods to accommodate these generated load histories, as well as post-processing techniques for identifying the most damaging flights, loading events and load pairs.


MATELYS | AlphaCell

Using AlphaCell for Quick & Accurate Sound Package Design in Aerospace *

AlphaCell is an accurate solution for predicting the vibro-acoustic performances of sound packages including e.g. poro-elastic materials, perforated plates, visco-elastic materials, studded structures with inner filling, composite materials or materials with embedded inclusions.


Matereality | Workgroup Material DatabasePro

Finite Element Analysis of Additively Manufactured Products

With the growing interest in additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, there is a desire to accurately simulate the behavior of components made by this process. The layer by layer print process appears to create a morphology that is different from that from conventional manufacturing processes.


Matereality | 3-matic

3-matic: How Bionic Design Processes and 3D Printing Push the Aerospace Industry into a New Era *

During the webinar, Materialise shows their unique Digital CAD approach for remodeling topologies coming from a topological optimization.


MultiMechanics | MulitMech

Using RADIOSS, HyperStudy and MultiMech for Improved Composite Design *

The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate how you can use the composite microstructure analysis tools of MultiMech to enhance the existing functionality of RADIOSS , specifically when dealing with the simulation of complex composite parts.



NovaCast | NovaFlow&Solid

How to Optimize the Thickness of Investment Castings for the Aerospace Industry *

Due to the specific meshing, NovaFlow&Solid is the ideal tool to simulate the fluidity of thin-walled aerospace castings like turbine blades and other engine components.


Sandbox Model | PTB Analytics

How to Achieve Better Success rates in Aerospace Projects

In this webinar PTB Analytics, an advanced project planning tool will be presented along with relevant information for how it helps users achieve better project results. A specific use case from the aerospace and defense industry will be used.



Occupant Safety Analysis for Aviation

MADYMO coupling, dummies and pre- and post-processing tool aspects are highlighted to show how the aviation industry uses MADYMO to solve occupant safety issues. An example on seat certification by analysis using MADYMO coupled with crash codes will be discussed in this webinar.