Matereality CAE Modeler for RADIOSS: Create CAE Material files for RADIOSS from raw data in your database

Adam Beckwith, Software Product Manager, Matereality
Megan Lobdell, Engineer, DatapointLabs

This Webinar will show how to use Matereality’s Workgroup Material DatabasePro on Altair’s HyperWorks Platform to convert raw data in your database into properly formatted CAE Material files for use in RADIOSS including the use of a validation step to gauge the solver accuracy.

Webinar Outline

Learn how to:

  • Locate property data in your Workgroup database
  • Populate your database with property data for your materials and CAE Material files
  • Create CAE material files for your CAE Software from raw data in your database using the CAE Modeler for RADIOSS
  • Export your CAE Material files for your project to a HyperWorks Collaboration Tools master material library.
  • Gauge the accuracy of your simulation using a mid-stage validation in HyperWorks
  • Run a validation model on a 3D printed metal component and compare to the original experiment

Who Should Attend?

Product Designers, Simulation Engineers, Project Engineers, Application Engineers, Research Engineers, CAE managers

Download the available Matereality use cases here.

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Figure 1: CAE Process Workflow

pic2 Matereality landing page.png

Figure 2: Create a CAE Material File for RADIOSS

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