Hyper-Fidelity Stress Analysis for S.A.F.E.R. Structural Simulation in the
Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense Industries

Presented by: Brent Lancaster, Principal Support Engineer, ESRD


Creating and verifying finite element models which consistently deliver high-fidelity results though out a design space of varying geometric scales is challenging. This is especially true when the final design is not yet set and even small changes to the design, materials, loads, or general behavior can render a model (and corresponding mesh) that took days to create and debug obsolete.

In this webinar we will share advancements in numerical simulation that make the performance of finite element analysis S.A.F.E.R. – Simple, Accurate, Fast, Efficient, and Reliable. An example engineering design problem from the aviation industry, requiring accurate results around stress concentrations to meet durability requirements for a long crack initiation life, will be presented.

Webinar Outline

  • The pressure on engineering organizations to support the increasing complexity, higher performance, shorter design cycles, and longer life expectancy of products they produce and maintain is relentless.
  • Legacy computational methodologies, software tools, and simulation processes that have been used for years to perform FEA are slow to master, precarious to use, and unreliable in the hands of the non-expert or infrequent user. Sources of errors are numerous and results are often dependent on the user, model, mesh, and software.
  • There is unfortunately a reluctance by some managers and team leaders to support the performance of more computationally-based 3D detail stress analysis due to the perceived time and complexity involved, especially when compared to relying on handbook solutions, design curves, closed form approximations, homegrown spreadsheets, higher margins of safety, or ultimately more time for physical prototyping and testing.
  • A different approach to numerical simulation has been developed and commercialized by APA partner ESRD which takes much of the art and craft out of finite element modelling.
  • The result is that the performance of structural analysis is more simple, accurate, fast, efficient, and reliable for both the frequent expert and only occasional user (S.A.F.E.R.).
  • This webinar will profile the application of ESRD’s StressCheck numerical simulation software with a demonstration of its live dynamic results mining of any value of interest, anywhere throughout the model regardless of the mesh topology, as rapid design changes are conducted, evaluated and parametrically iterated.

Who Should Attend?

Simulation Analysts, Design Engineers, Aerospace & Defense Professionals, Product Innovators and Engineering Group Managers who are responsible for the performance and quality of structural strength, stress, fatigue, and damage tolerant analysis.

ESRD-2017-10-17-StressCheck use Case webinar.png

ESRD automatically improves the accuracy of a legacy FEA software stress analysis

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