Shifting Gears - GPU Particle Based Simulations for Gear-train and Powertrain Components 

Presented by: Milos Stanic, Ph.D., Product Manager, nanoFluidX


This webinar focuses on the work-flow of nanoFluidX, emphasizing the importance of oiling in modern gear-train and powertrain components, as well as potential financial and time savings associated with using nanoFluidX.

nanoFluidX (nFX) is a code based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method, developed by FluiDyna GmbH. nFX is primarily used for simulations of gear- and power-train components in the automotive industry allowing quick execution of transient, multi-phase simulations in complex moving geometries which would otherwise be prohibitively computationally expensive or impossible to do with conventional Finite-Volume (FV) methods. The advantages of nFX are two-fold: pre-processing phase is trivial in comparison to the FV methods, as no mesh is needed (SPH is a Lagrangian method), and given SPH’s easily parallelizable algorithm – simulation run times are many times shorter than those of FV CFD solutions. Combining these two features significantly cuts down design turn-around time, allowing for design iterations and oiling management improvements without the need for hundreds of CPU cores or expensive experiments

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction to the company
  • How to design oiling?
  • Introduction to SPH and nanoFluidX
  • Work-flow of nFX: pre- and post-processing and example use cases
  • Customer references
  • Performance and hardware
  • Summary

Who Should Attend?

Engineers associated with the design of gear- or power-train components in all industries.



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