Virfac® Additive Manufacturing

Presented by: Dr. Adhish Majumdar, Product Development Team, GeonX

The webinar will be a live demonstration and a technical presentation of the Virfac® Additive Manufacturing module. We will show all steps of the workflow, from importing the CAD model to the launch of the solver Morfeo. In addition, we will discuss Virfac AM in terms of thermal and mechanical strains, support and build-up orientation optimization.

Virfac AM has the capability to compute both the Selective Laser Melting as well as the Laser Metal Deposition processes efficiently. It is based on a multiphysics and multiscale approach, providing the user with highly accurate distortions & residual stresses within a very short time. 

Webinar Outline

  • Demonstration of Virfac AM interface and results
  • Technical presentation of the multiphysics and multiscale simulation
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend?

All organizations starting or currently using additive manufacturing processes, including but not limited to organizations from the aerospace, defense and automotive industries.


Virfac AM Interface



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