Introduction to CES Selector by Granta Design

Presented by: Charlie Bream, Product Manager, Granta Design


CES Selector is the industry standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties; used to innovate and evolve products, quickly identify solutions to materials issues, and confirm and validate choice of materials, reducing material and development costs.

Unique attributes of CES Selector:

    • Access to complete and comparable data for all classes of engineering materials, including economic and environmental data
    • Powerful charting capabilities that enable visual comparison of material performance
    • Enables component geometry and load condition to be considered as part of the material selection process
    • Flags current materials and the company’s preferred materials for quick comparison and to guide decisions
    • Highlights differences in performance between materials, helping users to spot potential problems with a candidate material

About Granta Design 
Granta Design is the leading provider of materials information technology – software to manage and apply information about engineering materials. Granta helps hundreds of engineering enterprises to develop corporate ‘material intelligence’ by capturing vital data, analyzing it, and using the resulting knowledge to make smart material decisions. We ensure that consistent, accurate materials properties and information are used in simulation, design, and throughout the product lifecycle.


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