Introduction to ModelCenter®  by Phoenix Integration


Phoenix Integration's ModelCenter® Integrate software solution is a model-based engineering framework that provides users with a wide variety of tools and methods to encapsulate individual analysis or simulation models, store them as reusable components, and create simulation workflows. Almost any software application can be included in a workflow: user created tools, legacy FORTRAN/C++ programs, spreadsheets, mathematical models, databases, as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) models.

ModelCenter® Explore is a graphical environment for design investigation and optimization that supports your entire product development team. Once a repeatable simulation workflow has been created with ModelCenter® Integrate, engineers can iteratively execute the workflow (using parallel computing resources if available), with each run corresponding to a different set of inputs. This allows engineers to explore and quantify the performance, cost, reliability, and risk of a large number of different design alternatives in a relatively short period of time.

Industry Applications:

Phoenix Integration's ModelCenter® Integrate software solution is utilized by engineers and analysts to automate and  analyze workflows that require computation and is applicable across virtually any industry.

About Phoenix Integration:

Phoenix Integration is the framework for Model-Based Engineering. With ModelCenter® you can integrate your engineering simulation tools, explore your product designs, and organize your engineering knowledge. Achieve a true Model-Based Engineering development process with Phoenix Integration's easy-to-use, flexible set of software applications. Shorten design cycles, reduce errors and development costs, all while improving product performance and quality.




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