Introduction to VSim by Tech-X Corporation 

Presented by: Dr. John Cary, CEO, Tech-X Corporation 

VSim is a computational application for simulating electromagnetics in the presence of complex structures and dynamical charged particles and fluids. It can be used to simulate a variety of problems on regular, structured, orthogonal meshes with embedded boundaries (cut cells) for complex geometries, which can be imported from CAD models or constructed in the VSimComposer front end. Easily available Finite-Difference, Time-Domain (FDTD) methods allow rapid integration of the Maxwell equations in full or in approximate forms, such as electrostatics and magnetostatics. Self-consistent solutions in the presence of charged particles can be carried out using particle-in-cell methods and/or charge fluid methods.

VSim functionality includes high-order methods, electron emission-both primary and secondary from cut-cell surfaces, dispersion control, sputtering, collisions, field ionization, and quasiparticle propagation. Because VSim supports massively parallel computing that scales to tens of thousands of processor cores, you are able to model complex geometries and more physical phenomena while still obtaining results within a reasonable amount of elapsed time. Post-processing can be carried out using the built-in analyzers, or users may write their own for easy incorporation into the VSim framework.

About Tech-X

Tech-X creates high-performance computational software for simulation and design technology used in research and engineering. Tech-X employs excellence in the fields of physics, engineering, applied mathematics, computer science, and software engineering to produce software by experts for experts. We engineer superior solvers to attack unique and difficult problems in the interaction of electromagnetics with complex materials.


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