Building a Materials Knowledge Core for Your Company with Workgroup Material DatabasePro

Presented by: Adam Beckwith, Software Product Manager, Matereality


This Webinar will show how to quickly and easily build a library of Material Properties data and CAE Material files using Matereality’s Workgroup Material DatabasePro through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Webinar Outline

Learn how to:

  • Load your property data into Matereality using a variety of import techniques
  • Build a collection of CAE Material Files - Upload existing cards to your CAE Materials library and Generate CAE Material files from property data in your library.
  • Manage access to your property data and CAE files to collaborate with your Workgroup
  • Export your data for use in CAE

Who Should Attend?

Product Designers, Simulation Engineers, Project Engineers, Application Engineers, Research Engineers, CAE managers


Matereality Pic 1.png


Figure 1: Matereality data loading options


Matereality Webinar pic 2.png

Figure 2: Process Workflow for loading data from Excel


Matereality Webinar pic 3.png

Figure 3: Create CAE Material files from raw data in your Workgroup


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