Complete Simulation of Forging Process Using AFDEX

Presented by: Dr. Man Soo Joun, President & CEO, MFRC


A simulation adds more value to the user if it is realistic and includes as much as possible, the actual phenomena associated with the manufacturing process. In this context, a complete simulation of forging process would include elasto-plastic deformation, the coupled effects of thermal and structural interactions and the elasticity of the dies. Through this webinar, example simulation results would be presented detailing the process parameters as well the influence of above factors in a simulation.

Webinar Outline

  • Elasto-plastic module of AFDEX
  • Fully coupled precision forging simulation
  • Die elastic deformation

Who Should Attend?

  • Forging component manufacturers
  • Die manufacturers
  • Process design engineers
  • Researchers of metal forming processes

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Effective strain contours (Springback) – Automatic multi-stage cold forging process of a yoke of an automobile – Elastoplastic finite element analysis

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