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In this age of the Internet of Things, Big Data, analytics and mechatronics it is the multi-disciplinary intersections of mechanical, electrical, and control systems that provide the product and experience opportunities the marketplace is striving for. Altair’s next generation math & system modeling solutions can be applied right from concept studies, control design, multi-domain system performance optimization to controller implementation & testing.

Design, analyze and optimize the performance and behavior of multi-disciplinary, smart systems with Altair’s Model-Based Development software suite. This solution uniquely combines math with signal-based, physical and 3D modeling to offer a complete toolset that spans analog and digital circuit design through electro-mechanical system development. Watch the most recent Math & Systems Modeling webinars here

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Model Based Development 08-09.png   Model Based Development 1-1.png   Model Based Development 2.png   2017-07-26_model-based development with Altair-1.png
Compose 2017: A Multi-Language Math Environment   Mechatronic Systems Engineering:
Altair’s Multibody Solutions
  Model-Based Development
of Mechatronic and IoT Systems
  Model-Based Development
with Altair
Model Based Development 5.png   Model Based Development 4.png   Model Based Development_Activate and XLDyn.png   Model Based Development 3.png
Modeling Dynamical Systems
in Activate 
  solidThinking Compose, Activate
and Embed Overview
  solidThinking Activate and
XLDyn Integration
  System Modeling and Optimization
of Multi-disciplinary Systems in 
Activate 2017