Simulation Driven Casting Design

Presented by: Hakan Fransson, Technical Manager Simulation, NovaCast


The webinar will present the basic rules of designing castings and how casting process simulation can help you design correct castings. The webinar will show examples on how to improve a casting design, what road map to follow and which parameters are most important. The traditional way of designing is to take the casting process simulation into account at the end just before the production should start, however, this webinar will show why you should do it at the very start of the designing process.

Webinar Outline

  • Basic design rules using the casting process simulation tool NovaFlow&Solid
  • Ease of use of NovaFlow&Solid
  • How to use NFS for designing castings
  • Design improvement examples

Who Should Attend?

Foundry engineers, casting designers, CAE engineers and those that want to learn more about casting process simulation.




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