Lay-up Simulations to Choose the Best Fabric Pattern for an Aeronautic Radome

Presented by: Edouard Ferry, FEA Engineer, CEDREM


This webinar is about simulating the draping of the radome with different fabric pattern and choose the best. The choice of the best pattern will be based on the draping results, the fabric aspect, the fiber orientation, and if possible, on electromagnetic performance. The webinar will be based on Altair’s Aero Wing concept, and will present KTex Family of tools created by CEDREM.

Webinar Outline

  • Within the Aero Wing concept demonstrator, the radome is of big interest as it should resist some demanding loadings as well as let electromagnetic wave travel through. Hence, its manufacturing needs to be optimized.
  • Many fabrics can be chosen to build a resistant enough radome. Each one of them can be represented in HyperMesh thanks to KTex Pattern.
  • The manufacturing process can influence the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of the final part. Simulating the lay-up process with KTex LayUp can help predict the final properties of the part.
  • After simulating the lay-up process, fabrics can be ranked depending on the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of the manufactured parts.
  • The best fabric can be selected.

Who Should Attend?

Structural Engineers, Stress Analysts, Design Engineers who are responsible for assessing the performance of composite parts.



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