How to Instantly Assess Oceanographic Mooring Designs

Presented by: Ryan Nicoll, Chief Technology Officer, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. (DSA)


This webinar presents a different way of solving a static mooring line profile and the effects on calculation speed, mooring profile design, and limitations for dynamic analysis. This webinar will include a brief overview of our dynamic analysis software ProteusDS, the reasoning behind why we want to solve a static mooring profile quickly and a live demonstration of how to do this within the software.

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction to project templates in ProteusDS for oceanographic moorings
  • Overview of workflow for mooring assessment
  • Review of sample project

Who Should Attend?

  • Oceanographic companies
  • Mooring Techs
  • Mooring Engineers
  • Physical oceanographers
  • Anyone who designs moorings

 APA_DSA_Subsurface Mooring - with tension

 APA_DSA_Subsurface Mooring - ProteusDS ToolboxJPG

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