Optimizing Your CAD Geometry with CADdoctor’s Various Enveloping Functionalities

Presented by: Shun Higashide, Global Business Analyst, Elysium Co. Ltd


This webinar discusses the benefits and use cases of CADdoctor’s enveloping functionality. It will also introduce the latest polygon optimization functionality. 

Whether you are creating a lightweight model, preparing a data for CAE or wanting to prepare a dataset for IP protection, CADdoctor provides the optimal solid enveloping and data size reduction functionality for you.

Our newest version of CADdoctor has greatly enhanced its capability to realize this challenge. New functionalities such as automatically replacing complex geometry parts into simple shapes is just one example.

Be the first to know about the newest capabilities to streamline your daily workflows and efficiently utilize your CAD data.

What is Enveloping? 
Enveloping is optimizing the former complex model into either simple geometries, creating a shrink-wrap model, or extracting outer visible elements for better utilization in IP protection use case or CAE.

Webinar Outline

  • Elysium Introduction
  • CADdoctor Introduction
  • About EX8.0
  • About Solid Enveloping/Data Size Reduction
  • Use Case and DEMO

Who Should Attend?

Professionals in charge of CAE data preparation from automotive, electric, heavy industries, etc. This webinar will aid you in optimizing your workflow by reducing your time for data preparation.

Elysium CadDoctor Envelope Creation.png

CADdoctor Solid Envelop function streamlines the data preparation for CAE analysis.

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