The Latest Advancements in Altair’s Electromagnetics Suite

 Discover more about the new features of FEKO, WinProp, Flux and FluxMotor in the webinar recordings below



Cutting Edge Electromagnetic LF Simulation Solutions - Discover Flux 2018 & Couplings to the HyperWorks Platform

This webinar was presented on 15 February 2018

Presenter: Samia Saadi - Senior Technical Specialist - EM Solutions


Using breakthrough technologies, Flux is the perfect tool for the analysis, design and optimization of modern applications such as electric rotating machines, actuators and sensors, high power electrical equipment, heat treatment or electromagnetic compatibility. 

March 2018 sees the release of the latest version of our software.  Flux 2018 includes a new PEEC solver, offers new HPC capabilities, brings several new enhancements for losses computations and offers more comfortable couplings to the Altair suite, from pro-processing tools to multi-physic couplings.

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Accelerate your Design Process with Flux - Dealing with Complex 3D CAD Models

This webinar was presented on 20 February 2018

Presenter: Simon Guicheteau - Application Engineer - EM Solutions


Flux is now fully part of HyperWorks and thanks to our flexible HyperWorks Units, users are now able to access even more tools that will help you to save time in your designs and enable powerful simulations.  Flux embeds its own pre-preprocessing tools but designers sometimes need to deal with complex 3D geometries generated by their CAD team. 

In this webinar discover all the capabilities of the Altair pre-processing tools to handle real complex cases with Flux.

In addition we explore the powerful features of HyperMesh allowing you to to defeature, modify and manage your complex assemblies. We also explore the various functionalities in SimLab which will allow you to easily mesh large problems.

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Simulation Driven Design for Efficient Electric Machines - What's New in FluxMotor 2018

This webinar was presented on 27 February 2018

Presenter: Fabrice Marion - Program Manager FluxMotor


The electric motor design process can be long and tedious.  Modern design tools enables designers to quickly evaluate and compare machine techinical-economic potential. Discover how FluxMotor can radically change the way machines are designed, through each stage and be able to use standard or customized parts, add windings easily and quickly attribute materials before computing its performance.


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New Features of FEKO 2018, including WinProp

This webinar was presented on 27 March 2018

Presenter: Jordi Soler - Director of Global Business Development - EM Solutions


Electromagnetic (EM) simulation is a key and growing element within several processes across many key industries.  In this webinar we will present more about the new features available in this latest release, FEKO 2018.  WinProp, the wave propagation and radio network planning tool, is now incorporated into FEKO 2018. 

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