Efficient Solid Meshing and Fatigue Assessment of Welds Using SimLab and FEMFAT

Presented by:
Klaus Hofwimmer, Dip.Ing., Manager FEMFAT Sales/Support, MAGNA Powertrain
Nirmalkumar Subbaiah, Program Manager - SimLab, Altair Engineering


Typically, in the automotive industry, the numerical fatigue life analysis of seam welds is based on shell models. Determining the local stiffness and the fatigue life of weld details with those models is a challenging task; especially for closely spaced welds as well as for the connection of metal sheets to thick walled or solid components.

Modelling weld details with solid elements allows for a meaningful description with respect to the load path and the stiffness. Applying a relatively coarse mesh for seam welds leads to an advantage for the fatigue assessment process compared to the detailed modelling required for the well-known “notch stress” approach with a reference radius rref = 0,05 mm at the weld’s root and toe.

For industrial applications the approach proposed reduces modelling and computation effort.

The related mesh generation techniques with SimLab and fatigue assessment with FEMFAT are presented. The accuracy of the analyses is shown based on fatigue test results.

Webinar Outline

  • Problem description and requirements: State of the art shell model based weld assessment has limitations, which can be resolved by solid models. Efficient modelling technology and a sufficient assessment method is necessary.
  • Details of solid mesh based weld assessment method in FEMFAT: Corse meshed solid models of the weld seam and interpolated stresses beneath the surface will be used for fatigue assessment of weld root and toe.
  • Workflow and automated solid weld meshing in SimLab:  Efficient and fast modelling technology in SimLab is able to create coarse meshed weld seams automatically, appropriate for assessment method in FEMFAT.
  • Application examples: Comparison to test results and to the shell meshed approach will be presented to show the accuracy and efficiency of this workflow

Who Should Attend?

Strength and durability analysts who deal with cyclic loaded welded components.


FEMFAT Durability analysis result of a component with solid meshed weld seams


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