Mini-Material Data Servers: The Beginning of Complete Material Data Management for Product Development

Populate your
Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro, on the Altair Partner Alliance, with your relevant materials to have them plugged into HyperWorks, and ready to deploy. Upload existing CAE Material files, or use built-in software to create material files for use in Radioss, and export your library as a Master Material file for use in HyperWorks. 

See gaps in your data? You can also order DatapointLabs’ Testpaks from DatapointLab test services, and receive material cards directly into your workgroup database. Accelerate the pace of product development and eliminate the typical risks from unmanaged material data.

During this webinar, we talk about Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro on the Altair Partner Alliance, working as a Mini-material data server on the cloud; its connectivity to HyperWorks and other productivity enhancements that come with it.

Who Should Attend?

Those who's material data needs are not adequately met by many database solutions. As multiple groups within an enterprise collect to dictate the ideal enterprise solution, they are left waiting, which is expensive and risky.

This includes Design Engineers, CAE Lead Engineers, Materials Engineers, Simulation Engineers, CAE Managers, Project Engineers, Application Engineers, Technical Engineers, Technical Service Managers, Director of Engineering, R&D Chiefs, Lead Engineers.


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