Vulnerable Road Users: MADYMO Coupling for Pedestrian Protection and Euro NCAP TB024

Presented by: Ruud Verhoeve, Support Engineer, TASS International
and Martin Tyssens, Product Manager, TASS International


MADYMO pedestrian models are used to develop pedestrian protection systems, for example, windshield airbags and pop-up bonnets. This webinar will outline the procedures for certification and application of numerical Human Body Models for Euro NCAP pedestrian protection assessment and will show how MADYMO human body models can be used for this in co-simulation with FE Solvers like RADIOSS.

Webinar Outline

  • Human Body Model simulations as part of Euro NCAP pedestrian protection protocol
  • Human Body Model certification for use in Euro NCAP (Technical Bulletin 024)
  • MADYMO - RADIOSS/DYNA coupling for Euro NCAP pedestrian impact simulations
  • Euro NCAP certification of MADYMO Human Pedestrian models – TB024 procedure
  • The application of MADYMO Human Pedestrian models for Euro NCAP pop-up bonnet sensing system qualification

Who Should Attend?

Automotive engineers working on pedestrian protection.

TASS_Figure 1

Figure 1: Using MADYMO Human 50%-ile human pedestrian model in co-simulation with FE vehicle model

TASS_Figure 2

Figure 2: Euro NCAP TB024 set-up for the certification of MADYMO Human 50%-ile human pedestrian model


Tuesday, June 26th 10:00am EDT/16:00 CET