Amphyon 2019 
New Simulation Capabilities For More Stable Processes!

This webinar presents a general overview of the Amphyon 2019 software, including all alterations, as well as the new Thermal Simulation module and deeper insights to Support Optimization. The Thermal Simulation Module will be introduced and demonstrated by using some easy geometries. New use-cases for the prediction of temperature values to evaluate heat accumulations and approaches to avoid this will be explained.

Webinar Outline

  • General methods and approaches of the Amphyon software
  • Workflow of the Amphyon software as part of pre-processing jobs
  • Introduction to the new Thermal Simulation Module
  • Workflow for the Thermal Simulation Module:
  1. Calculation of build rates
  2. Example cases for Thermal Simulation:
    1. Overheating induced by multiple laser systems
    2. Overheating induced by different part geometries
    3. Overheating induced by nesting
  • Discussion of updates of the Support Module
  • Outlook for further developments (Support Module)

Who Should Attend?

Everyone that is working with the Laser Beam Melting technology (Design, Engineering, Simulation, Manufacturing, Post-processing).


Presenter: Nils Keller

Chief Executive Officer                                                Additive Works 


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