Introduction to CellMod™ FMU by Sendyne

Live Webinar - Thursday | October 17 | 10am EDT

Are you designing a battery powered system? Do you need to know how your battery will perform under the wide variety of loads and temperatures your system simulation dictates? Are you disappointed with the unpredictability of empirical equivalent circuit models? Would you like to reduce the time and costs of running multiple battery experiments for your system validation?

Sendyne’s CellMod™ FMU is the first physics-based virtual battery software that will simulate battery behavior under any condition with an accuracy better than 97%.  

This technical webinar is addressed to battery systems designers who want to understand the advantages of using an electrochemical and physics based battery model for their system design and validation.

In this webinar you will be learning more about:

  • When and why empirical battery models fail
  • What is a physics-based battery model
  • What is a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) and how it can be used for co-simulation in the Altair environment
  • How can you scale from a cell model to a battery pack model 




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