Vibro-Acoustic Response of Multi-Layer Systems:
Creating a Condensed Model to Reduce Mesh Size and
Calculation Time

AlphaCell by MATELYS-Research Lab

A possible way of reducing the calculation time and mesh size in vibro acoustic response is to condense the description of multi-layer plates into a single, equivalent plate representation. The plate is then modeled using frequency dependent parameters in visco-elastic models. The webinar will present several representations of this approach applied to constrained layers, multi-layer plates as well as ribbed and stiffened plates.  

Webinar Outline

  • General framework of usage with Altair OS
  • RKU representation
  • Guyader representation
  • Added stiffness representation
  • Ribbed plates
  • Stiffened plates

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, researchers and technicians dealing with NVH issues.



Presenter: François-Xavier Bécot

Chief Executive Officer                                                MATELYS-Research Lab 


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