Live Webinar: Tuesday | October 1, 2019 | 10:00 AM EDT

Welding is a commonly used technique in different industries to join two metal parts. Parts which are welded tend to fatigue in the welded regions, even in a well-designed structure. Therefore, it is necessary to make a fatigue assessment of the welded joints. The fatigue assessment of welded parts should be highly prioritized to ensure a good evaluation of the durability of the weld structure.

There are different types of approaches which can be used to evaluate the fatigue life of welds. This presentation illustrates how different welding methods such as spot welds or seam welds are considered in nCode DesignLife software which can be used within the Altair partnership program.

Webinar Outline

This webinar deals with Shell/Solids and Spot welds modeled with nCode DesignLife. It starts with the theoretical approaches, goes on with the modelling techniques and shows the results in DesignLife.

  • Approaches for Fatigue Life of Welds
  • Structural Stresses
  • Structural Stress Weld Techniques in DesignLife
  • Spot Weld
  • Welds with Shell Elements
  • Welds with Solid Elements
  • Summary
  • Questions

Who Should Attend?

The presentation addresses simulation engineers and engineers from all industries dealing with welds.



Presenter: Vijesh Kapoor

Application Engineer                                     

HBM nCode