Composites Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance 


Best of Composites Applications Available From the Altair Alliance

CONVERSE by PART Engineering

PART-Engineering_CONVERSE 2020


An Easy-to-Use Software that Bridges the Gap Between Injection Molding Simulation and Mechanical Simulation

In this webinar, a procedure for the prediction of the vibration behavior of short fiber reinforced structural components considering the anisotropic material properties is presented. As an example, results for an engine bracket are presented.

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QSD® by Cetim

empilement QSD

Smart Composite Design with Adapted Fiber Orientation and Reduced Material Scraps

In this webinar, you'll learn how Cetim, Onera and Altair have collaborated to propose the QSD method. QSD is a three-step optimization workflow integrated with HyperMesh intended to propose efficient designs with a reduced computational cost. 

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KTex Family by CEDREM


Calculate Accurate Mechanical Properties of Any Composite Material

This webinar demonstrates how KTex Family toolset can help predict the mechanical behavior of structural parts made with complex fabrics, taking in to account their manufacturing process.

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CoDA and LAP by Anaglyph


Composites Preliminary Analysis for Fundamental Shapes

This webinar presents an approach for defining optimal composite material and laminate property data. The webinar will present the workflow between HyperMesh and Anaglyph composites software for preliminary analysis and design.

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