Electromagnetic Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance


Best of Electromagnetic Applications From the Altair Alliance

Optenni Lab by Optenni Ltd



Matching Circuit Design Made Easy

This presentation identifies the sources of the discrepancy between measurements and simulation. It demonstrates a first-time-right design flow of matching circuit using the FEKO electromagnetic solver and the Optenni Lab RF Design Automation Platform. 

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TracePro® by LAMBDA

Telescope, 2-1


Powerful Illumination and Non-Imaging Optical Design and Analysis Software

An overview presentation of the easy-to-use software tool. TracePro combines Monte Carlo ray tracing, analysis, CAD import/export, and optimization methods with a complete and robust macro language to solve a wide variety of problems in illumination design and optical analysis.

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VSim by Tech-X



High-Performance Computational Application for Simulating Electromagnetics and Plasmas

This webinar covers VSim, a computational application for simulating electromagnetics in the presence of complex structures and dynamical charged particles. Example applications presented include multipacting, traveling wave tubes and satellite charging. 

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Sense by Fieldscale



Cut Down Time-to-Market and Product Costs with the High Accuracy Touchscreen and Simulation tool 

Automotive companies involved in touch sensor development, from material suppliers to OEMs, are currently facing three major issues: Too many iterations, strict automotive regulations as well as slow and expensive prototyping. This webinar shows you how to effectively tackle these issues and streamline your development process and establish smooth collaboration. 

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Charge by Fieldscale



Accurate Computation of the Electric Potential and Field Distribution for Complex Structures.

This presentation covers Charge, an electrostatic simulation software that enables the simulation of today’s complex products in maximum detail, in just a few minutes. Charge is the state-of-the-art tool for electric field analysis, detecting dielectric breakdowns, partial discharges and extracting parasitic capacitances.

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