Fluids & Thermal Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance


Best of Fluids & Thermal Applications From the Altair Alliance

TAITherm by ThermoAnalytics

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Create the Best Transient Thermal Predictions for Your Design

This webinar outlines the components needed to create the best models for successful thermal analysis. They will bring you inside the software for a look at TAITherm’s modeling capabilities and the types of problems you can solve, as well as a mini heat transfer primer and sample transient modeling process.

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Overcome Development Challenges of Conventional and Electrified Powertrains

An increase of the e-motor operating temperature above critical levels reduces especially the life expectancy of the insulation material, which potentially results in the destruction of the motor. The presentation shows how CFD simulation helps to determine the thermal load of electric motors and how to develop the optimum cooling system for maximum performance and life time.

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Flow Simulator by GE

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Accelerate Thermo Fluid Systems Design using GE’s Flow Simulator

An overview presentation of Flow Simulator, an integrated flow, heat transfer, and combustion design software that enables mixed fidelity simulations to optimize machine and systems design. This fluid system design tool provides interdisciplinary modeling and optimization capabilities within a single platform for machine design with respect to fluid dynamics/thermal/combustion within a 3D design environment. 

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DSHplus by Fluidon

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Simulate Complex Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems and Components in a Fraction of CFD Computing Time

This webinar explains how cavitating flows can be simulated with the updated component models of DSHplus. The improved models enable the user to analyze all relevant types of cavitation – vapor cavitation, gas cavitation and pseudo-cavitation – as well as the associated phenomenon of gas bubble transport.

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FieldView Express by Intelligent Light

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Easily Create and Deliver Compelling Animations, Visualizing Your Data and Supporting your Analyses.

This webinar provides an overview of FieldView Express, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) post-processor that engineers choose when they must deliver accurate results in ever-faster design cycles.

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LOGEengine by LOGE AB



A Real Time Simulation Tool Specifically Designed for Analysis and Development of Internal Combustion Engines.

The webinar discusses the steps needed to setup an engine combustion analysis with detailed chemistry. The presentation incorporates a hands-on tutorial of a direct-injected diesel engine simulation.

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