Manufacturing Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance


Best of Manufacturing Applications From the Altair Alliance

3-matic by Materialise

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Clean Up and Enhance The Surface Quality of Rough Topology Data in Faster Time

This webinar focuses on Materialise 3-matic's complimentary position to Altair's topology optimization and illustrates its capabilities on light weight structures design, with a focus on printable design.

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Better Predict Forming Loads and Improve Metal Forming Processes

In this webinar, the simulation technology for forming processes involving multiple bodies will be presented along with some examples and industrial applications. The multibody simulations can also be coupled with optimization algorithms for further process design optimization.

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Design Profit® by Munro & Associates



Manufacturing Cost Analysis Software to Help You Identify Waste and Inefficiency 

This webinar walks you through several simple costing examples using a plastic injection molding process, a transfer die and a progressive die. A demonstration of how Design Profit used custom fields to create the algorithms to generate data is also presented. 

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NovaFlow&Solid by NovaCast



The Innovative Casting Process Simulation Tool that Helps You Work Faster, Easier and Achieve More Accurate Castings

This webinar will demonstrate the possibilities and procedures to optimize a casting design by the help of casting process simulation. In combination with the simulation, we'll show how one can use what we call parameter and geometry optimization. By statistical methods and advanced analysis, one can go into the depth of the simulations to understand how you can improve the casting quality.

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Virfac® by GeonX



Friction Stir Welding Simulation Using Virfac® 

The webinar will be a live demonstration of Virfac's FSW module, from CAD import to solver launch. Virfac FSW predicts temperature contours in the welded zone, power dissipation, and the sliding ratio on the interface between the shoulder and the workpiece. The analysis of results concerning the contact conditions provides data about the evolution of the relative sliding between the shoulder and the material to be welded, among other results.

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