Structures Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance


Best of Structures Applications From the Altair Alliance

CADdoctor by Elysium



Optimize Your CAD Geometry with Enveloping Functionalities

This webinar discusses the benefits and use cases of CADdoctor’s enveloping functionality. It will also introduce the latest polygon optimization functionality. Whether you are creating a lightweight model, preparing a data for CAE or wanting to prepare a dataset for IP protection, CADdoctor provides the optimal solid enveloping and data size reduction functionality for you.

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nCode DesignLife by HBM nCode



Increasing Design Optimization and Confidence Through Advanced Weld Fatigue Analysis and Simulation

Welding is a commonly used technique in different industries to join two metal parts. There are different types of approaches that can be used to evaluate the fatigue life of welds. This webinar illustrates how different welding methods such as spot welds or seam welds are considered in nCode DesignLife. This presentation focuses on shell/solids and spot welds modeled with the software. It starts with the theoretical approaches, goes on with the modeling techniques, and finally, we show the results in nCode DesignLife.

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FEMFAT by Magna Powertrain



Efficient Solid Meshing and Fatigue Assessment of Welds

Typically, in the automotive industry, the numerical fatigue life analysis of seam welds is based on shell models. Determining the local stiffness and the fatigue life of weld details with those models is a challenging task; especially for closely spaced welds as well as for the connection of metal sheets to thick walled or solid components. In this webinar the related mesh generation techniques with SimLab and fatigue assessment with FEMFAT are presented. The accuracy of the analyses is shown based on fatigue test results.

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S-Life FKM by PART Engineering



Static and Fatigue Strength Software for the Assessment of FEM Results

In this webinar, you will discover how to facilitate the strength assessment of your FEM results using S-Life FKM, a software that enables an easy and automatic assessment of FEM simulation results according to the German FKM guideline. Unlike standards like the ASME, the FKM is not product- or industry-specific, rather it is applicable in a most general manner. 

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FE Dummy Models by Humanetics

Humanetics_FE Dummy Models


Finite Element Crash Dummy Models to Fully Analyze a Crash Event in a Virtual Environment

FE dummy models are virtual representations of their respective physical crash test dummy. The FE dummy models are created to simulate the behavior of a crash dummy in motor-vehicle and pedestrian collisions, as well as for aircraft, railcoach and military applications. The goal is to record as much data as possible for the dummy responses such as accelerations, forces, and displacements during an impact collision to determine the injury risks.

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MADYMO by TASS International



Safety Comes First - Development of the First i-Size Car Seat Using a CAE-Driven Design Process

In this webinar, you will discover how a CAE driven design process, was used to develop the first i-Size car seat that fulfills all requirements while reducing costs due to less physical testing. Within the virtual development process, engineers employed Radioss™ coupled with MADYMO dummies for crash simulation, OptiStruct™ for the layout of highly loaded plastic parts and HyperCrash™ during postprocessing.

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Total Materia by Key to Metals AG

Key-to-Metals-Total Materia-04-726x383-1


The Largest Database of Material Properties Available for Basic and Complex Engineering Activities

The leading provider of materials reference data Key to Metals AG presents the key aspects of how the Total Materia database can support and improve the accuracy of simulation results whilst reducing cost, optimizing material usage and eliminating a large amount of risk that can be attributed to poor decisions around materials.

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StressCheck® by ESRD



Implementing Repeatable and Well-Defined Strategies for Verifying the Accuracy of Engineering Data

This webinar examines a variety of publicly-available and industry-applicable case studies, benchmarks and industry examples to demonstrate the efficient and reliable methodology implemented in StressCheck to perform solution verification.

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