Systems Modeling Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance


Best of Systems Modeling Applications From the Altair Alliance

CellMod™ FMU by Sendyne



Predict Cell and Pack Behavior With an Accuracy That Is Higher Than 97%

This presentation provides a brief overview of the battery model and benefits as well as an example of system simulation using Altair Activate using the Functional Mock-up Interface standard for co-simulation.

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Optimize Vehicle Energy Balance through Smart Hybrid Controller Layout  

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) combine the best of two worlds: a long range possible through an internal combustion engine and lower consumption and emissions through electrification. These advantages can, however, only be achieved if the complex powertrains of HEVs are developed using optimally calibrated hybrid controllers. This webinar will show how the energy balance of a hybrid vehicle can be optimized using innovative system simulation. Topics will include setting up a controller strategy and handling several design variants of controller parameters and functionalities.

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Vortex® Studio by CM Labs



Refine Product Functionality with Hardware- and Driver-in-the-Loop Testing of Smart Control Systems

Through the use of interactive and immersive VR software, systems models can be derived from high-fidelity engineering simulations and used for operator-in-the-loop, HIL, and SIL testing. Interactive virtual prototypes allow for human-factors test and measuring system performance in hyper-realistic virtual worksites. This presentation uses a mobile crane model as an example.

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ModelCenter® by Phoenix Integration

Phoenix Integration-workflow for emotor design - image 03-1


Easily Connect Your Analysis Tools to Create Complex, Fully Automated Simulation Workflows  

This webinar details how ModelCenter was used to solve an industrial multidisciplinary design problem, the design of an electric motor. Electromagnetic, thermal, and structural performance criteria are simultaneously considered to design an efficient motor. The individual disciplines are evaluated using Altair solvers – Flux Motor, Flux, and OptiStruct. ModelCenter was used to connect these tools into a sophisticated workflow and executed by HyperStudy.

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Maple by MapleSoft



Create Manageable Calculation Sheets and Maximize ROI With This High-Performance Mathematical Software

In this webinar, you will discover how enterprising engineers at Hitachi Heavy Machinery used Maple software to transform decaying spreadsheets into easy-to-follow and maintainable calculation sheets to maximize their return on investment.

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MapleSim by MapleSoft



Reduce Machine Design Costs and Get to Market Faster Using Virtual Prototyping and Dynamic Load Analysis 

Machine designers can avoid many issues that often arise during the integration and prototyping stages through the development of virtual prototypes of concepts that capture the dynamics of systems early in the design process. This webinar outlines Maplesoft’s work in applying these techniques for clients in the manufacturing machine and mining equipment industries.

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ChassisSim by ChassisSim Technologies



Design an Electric Powertrain for Motorsport and Road Vehicles

This webinar demonstrates how the ChassisSim electric powertrain module, that is being used in anger in Formula E, can be applied to road car use.  In particular, it will show you how you can effectively and quickly use this to specify what you need from an electric powertrain.

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CosiMate by Chiastek

CosiMate image


Multi-Scale Co-Simulator to Improve Performance and Time of Complex Systems Design

This webinar will present how to co-simulate and integrate models created CosiMate and Altair Flux™ at the system level. CosiMate's open architecture enables engineers to connect an unlimited number of simulation environments together. Once the co-simulation process is launched, users can interact with the native simulators transparently as if CosiMate were not present.

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XLDyn™ by XLDyn



Verification Tracking to Meet Your System Requirements

XLDyn allows the product engineer to develop and track requirements associated with different verification methods, so the current project status is always available. In addition, XLDyn has fully integrated system-level Design of Experiments (DoE) that provides valuable design guidance to select the best set of parameters or parts. Even test data can be included in the DoE.

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