Enabling Simulation-Based Optimization Through Data Analytics

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Simulation Validation Through the Prism of Optical Measurements - How to Effectively Leverage Large Amounts of Test Data

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In order to develop mechanical products faster and reduce development costs, industries rely more on and more on simulations, following the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) strategy. But to build more confidence in more refined simulation models, these models have to be backed up by a lot more real-world data, in order to avoid large design margins.  

This webinar is aimed at technical managers who think model validation should not inherently be a source of uncertainties and risks in the design process, and want to achieve costs and development time reduction by performing only the most relevant tests; engineers who need to build simulation credibility without spending most of their time processing strain gauge data and performing trial-and-error simulations. 

Presenter: Florent Mathieu, CEO, EikoSim

Featuring EikoTwin DIC by EikoSim available through the Altair Partner Alliance.
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Automate High-Volume Business Tasks Using RPA Technology

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Do you have any repetitive and time intensive tasks? On premise and/or cloud application with no API possibility? Processes that are prone to human error and are understaffed? If so, then you need AmdoSoft/b4 RPA bots as part of your team.

AmdoSoft/b4 is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology that allows organizations to integrate software robots in their business processes. The technology can be utilized for simple repetitive processes like data entry from one application to another as well as complex business processes with advanced logic workflows and multiple robots working in a synchronized manner as part of a virtual workforce. Robot actions are easily configured using an intuitive user interface recorder and workflow rules are modelled using a graphical drag and drop editor.

Presenter: David Griffith | Managing Director, AmdoSoft Systems

Featuring AmdoSoft/b4 by AmdoSoft Systems, available soon through the Altair Partner Alliance

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Simplify Your 3D Models - Collaborative Engineering From Design to CAE and Downstream Processes

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Increasing digitalization and global value-added networks have a strong impact on collaborative engineering. Companies are facing large amounts of data that need to be stored securely, transferred efficiently between partners, customers, suppliers, etc., and handled in various tools in defined business and engineering processes. 3D data is playing an important role as a communication medium throughout the entire product lifecycle - from conceptual design to downstream processes including CAE analyses, manufacturing, and after-sales - and therefore requires reliable IP protection. The value of 3D product information is even increased through approaches like Model-Based Enterprise and Model-Based Systems Engineering.

This 20-minute webinar, demonstrates how 3D models serve as a key enabler for successful digitalization in heterogeneous system landscapes and efficient reuse of CAD data in CAE analyses and downstream processes as only the necessary information are processed.

Featuring CADdoctor by Elysium, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

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Combining First Principles, Simulation and Data Analysis

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One of the most tempting misconceptions with simulation and data analysis, is to be able to press a button and have the answers delivered to you. Unfortunately, this misses the whole point. To truly use simulation and data analytics properly you have to understand the first principles and then combine this with both simulation and data to find the answer you are looking for.

In this webinar, we will show you hands-on examples of how you can combine the first principles, simulation, and data analytics in both vehicle modelling and electric vehicles.

Presenter: Danny Nowlan, Director, ChassisSim Technologies

Featuring ChassisSim, available through the Altair Partner Alliance

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Validating Virtual Proving Ground Loads

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In the automotive industry, one of the biggest challenges is designing vehicles to withstand the variability in the duty cycle. To help speed up the design process and reduce cost, automotive OEMs are relying more and more on simulation. This webinar will explain how one OEM is relying more on their virtual proving ground during the design process, to reduce the amount of physical prototyping and rely on simulations and their virtual proving ground to obtain the loads for durability.

To achieve this requires the OEM to have confidence that their simulation model provides the correct loads for durability. The model validation result provides the confidence number when comparing the loads obtained from the simulation to the loads measured from the actual proving ground.

Presenter: Nicholas Gaul | Chief Technical Officer, RAMDO Solutions

Featuring RAMDO by RAMDO Solutions, available through the Altair Partner Alliance

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