Student Learning Event 2022

This event has ended but you can watch the webinar recordings using the links in this page below.

Whether you are facing a lecture in your engineering class or working on a project or graduation, simulation will help you to stand up to the challenge. In the below recordings of the Student Learning Event Webinars our Altair Experts and users  give you an introduction into different physics and the simulation solutions that will help you solve your tasks. In addition, Altair Partner Alliance (APA) members will give an introduction to their solutions on simulation.

These Webinar Recordings are for engineering Students from mechanical, civil, electrical, mechatronic engineering or data science , who are interested in simulation and data exploration.



Track 1 - Simulate Systems and Assemblies

Designing safe and reliable systems is a task each engineering student will face. Visit this workshop (links below) to learn more about system simulation with Altair Activate and the "Fast" evaluation of structural assemblies using Altair SimSolid.

Fast Concept Simulation of CAD Assemblies by Joyce Tang (Senior Application Engineer at Altair)

System Engineering for Beginners by Patrick Goulding (Senior Product Engineer at Altair)

Track 2 - Determine Forces and Optimize Structures in a suspension

Learn how to use Altair Inspire to determine kinematic forces of a motorcycle suspension arm. The loads of the assembly will be used to optimize the rocker of the suspension. Finally, we will showcase how to simulate the 3D printing process of the optimized part.

Altair Concept Simulation for a Baja Team by Thomas Neumaier (CNC Lead , Case Western Reserve University)

Evaluate Forces in Motorcycle Suspension by Jan Grasmannsdorf (Account Manager at Altair)

Design of a Rocker Arm by Jan Grasmannsdorf (Account Manager at Altair)

Printing Simulation of a Rocker Arm by Jan Grasmannsdorf (Account Manager at Altair)

Track 3 - Create Lighter Designs with Optimization

The more complex your designs, the more you can profit from finite element simulation and optimization using the Altair Simulation Suite. In this webinar series you will see an introduction into 3D Meshing, Stress Simulation and Optimization of a part using the advanced functions of our latest release of Altair Simulation Suite.

Meshing and Setup of FEM model by Marius Mueller (FEA Engineer, PJ Messtechnik GMBH)

Simulate for Lightweight Design by Marius Mueller (FEA Engineer, PJ Messtechnik GMBH)

Track 4 - Evaluate Crash Behaviour and Composite Materials

Due to advanced algorithms, high degree of accuarcy and scalability to run on HPC systems, simulation using Altair Radioss is a standard in multiple industries. You will see an introduction to the explicit dynamic simulation which can be used for crash safety or drop test analysis. In addition we will give an introduction to the modelling of composite materials.

Introduction to Crash Analysis by Pierre-Christophe Masson (Technical Specialist at Altair)

Simulation of Composites by Felix Brueggeman (Chief Engineer Chassis and Composites, Deefholt Dynamics e.V.)



Track 1 - Create Lighter Designs with Composites

Using Composite Materials will enable you to achieve lightweight designs. How to handle the complexity of composites and how to use Altair OptiStruct to optimize your laminates will be showcased in this session.

Composites in a Formula Student Race Car by Jo Liu Yuan (Simulation, KA-Raceing Team)

Composite Optimization by Marius Mueller (FEA Engineer, PJ Messtechnik GmbH)

Track 2 - Simulation for Electrification

Altair and its portfolio of electrical design solutions are changing the way electric systems are designed. Using Altair FLUX, PSIM and Embed will enable you to to accelerate product development, enhance energy efficiency, and optimize integrated system performance

Design & Optimization of Electric Motor by Vincente Leconte (Sr Director of Business Development at Altair)

Automatic Code Gen for Battery & Drives by Richard Kolk (Sr Director of Embed Project Management at Altair)

Design of Power Electronics with PSIM by Albert Dunford (Technical Sales and Application Engineer at Altair)

Track 3 - Simulate the Physics of Aerodynamics, Particles Communication

Most projects today need to consider multiple physics. For example, think of an autonomous vehicle: it will need a reliable WiFi/5G communication or a ground vehicle that has to handle multiple terrain conditions of sand, large rocks and steep hills. The interaction of the vehicle and soil/terrain conditions are important for maneuverability and just completing the task.

Evaluating Aerodynamics by Matthias Leister (Student Ambassador at Altair)

EDEM for Particle Simulation by Cesar Barreto (Senior EDEM Engineer at Altair)

Simulating Communication Systems by Raja Devata (Senior Technical Specialist at Altair)



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