Unlocking the Power of Multi-Phase Simulation: Exploring Barracuda Virtual Reactor by CPFD

An introductory webinar to our  Altair Partner Alliance (APA) Partner: CPFD Software with their tool Barracuda Virtual Reactor.

In this informative webinar, we dive into the world of Barracuda Virtual Reactor by CPFD. This webinar is a must-attend for researchers, engineers, and professionals working with fluid-particle processes in industrial fluidized bed reactors and other fluid-particle systems.

During the webinar, we explore the capabilities and benefits of the Barracuda Virtual Reactor software. Gain valuable insights into its ability to simulate three-dimensional, transient, fluid-particle hydrodynamics, heat balance, and chemical reactions. 

Whether you're looking to reduce physical testing costs, accelerate commercialization, optimize solutions, or maximize reliability and regulatory compliance, Barracuda Virtual Reactor is a game-changer. Learn how it enables engineers to identify the root causes of underperformance, mitigate risks through virtual testing, and optimize processes for improved performance.

Watch the webinar recording and accelerate your journey toward innovation and success.

Watch the Webinar