Unveiling NovaCast's Good Guys' Index -
Analyzing CO2 Footprint and Production Cost from Raw Material to Finished Goods

An introductory webinar to Good Guys' Index (GGI) by NovaCast Systems, now available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

In this webinar, we introduce NovaCast's new tool that revolutionizes sustainability assessments in manufacturing processes - the Good Guys' Index (GGI).

GGI is an innovative calculation program designed to measure and analyze the CO2 footprint and production cost of casting parts, from the initial stages of raw material sourcing to the final delivery at the customer's site. This powerful tool enables manufacturers to make data-driven decisions and prioritize sustainable practices across the entire production cycle.

During this webinar, GGI expert Håkan Fransson, from NovaCast Systems delves into the capabilities of the GGI, showcasing its functionalities and highlighting its potential to transform manufacturing practices. With the GGI, you'll be able to simulate various scenarios and explore the impact of different factors on CO2 emissions and costs.

Discover how GGI empowers you to

  • compare and evaluate different casting designs, methoding options (feeder and gatings), and foundries,
  • make informed choices that align with your sustainability goals,
  • assess the impact of using different energy sources and furnaces, aiding in the transition towards greener and more efficient operations,
  • get insights into cost calculations, energy consumption, and overall CO2 emissions,
  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic implications of your production choices, allowing you to optimize both sustainability and profitability.

Whether you're a manufacturer seeking to enhance sustainability practices or an industry professional interested in cutting-edge advancements in sustainability assessments, this webinar is for you.


Topics covered include:

  • Good Guys' Index software overview and capabilities

  • Live Demo

  • Live audience Q&A


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