Introducing IntelliDockers: Self-Contained Text Analytics Engines for Secure Data Processing

Free Webinar: July 25, 2024 | 10-10:45 AM EST / 16:00-16:45 CET

Join our webinar introducing IntelliDockers by ZettaCloud the latest addition to the Altair Partner Alliance. 

IntelliDockers is a complete text analytics software solution designed to automate human cognitive tasks through natural language processing, extracting meaning from unstructured data. With IntelliDockers, Altair customers will gain access to best-of-breed AI to support their knowledge management and process automation use cases.

From extracting valuable insights from unstructured data to automating processes in customer support, legal, HR, finance, and operations, Zetta Cloud’s secure AI systems can become a crucial productivity component that can replicate and complement human work while offering data security, high-quality outputs, and secure control.

  • Extensive AI task coverage: IntelliDockers covers a wide range of natural language processing tasks, from speech processing, optical character recognition, automated translation, document categorization, sentiment and emotion analysis, named entity recognition, and summarization.
  • Support for more than 100 languages: Including the processing of cross-language content, suitable for global organizations or companies that want to expand abroad.
  • Data security and control: IntelliDockers is deployable on private clouds or on-premises, offering exceptional data security, and provides control measures for end users through output confidence scores for each AI prediction.

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