ABI Research Manufacturing Data Analytics Vendor 2023 Report

ABI Research Competitive Ranking: Manufacturing Data Analytics

Altair Ranks # 1 for Manufacturing Data Analytics

The ability to analyze production line equipment and the production line itself is the focal point for many Industry 4.0 initiatives.

In the new competitive report, ABI Research evaluates 10 data analytics vendors (Altair, Alteryx, C3 AI, Crosser, Falkonry, Litmus, MachineMetrics, PTC, Seeq, and Sight Machine) that enable industrial and manufacturing firms to proactively monitor their equipment and optimize their operations with the use of data analytics.

ABI Competitive Report: Manufacturing Data Analytics

Altair is the top innovator and implementer in ABI Research's Manufacturing Data Analytics report for our advanced data collection, normalization, and analytics capabilities.

Key Takeaways

Featured in this research report:

  • In-depth assessment of Altair’s data analytics solutions for manufacturing
  • Overall competitive ranking of 10 data analytics vendors (Altair, Alteryx, C3 AI, Crosser, Falkonry, Litmus, Machine Metrics, PTC, Seeq, and Sight Machine)
  • A list identifying vendors as Leaders, Mainstream, and Followers
  • Explanation of research criteria and methodology

Explore actionable market insights to understand which data analytics vendor is best positioned to support the increasingly complex opportunities presented in manufacturing operations, including predictive maintenance and understanding the underlying issues that cause the failures or rectifying operational bottlenecks.


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