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For Domain Experts (but Data Novices)

Use your knowledge of business problems and automated data science to create powerful predictive models, with guidance from data exploration to deployment.


For Citizen Data Scientists

Create data and machine learning workflows using a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop canvas, giving code-like control without the complexity.


For Coding Experts

Experiment, fine-tune, and create custom solutions in a fully integrated notebook environment, package code for reuse within drag-and-drop workflows.

Use the World's Premier Data Science Platform

Altair AI Studio (formerly known as RapidMiner Studio) is an approachable, end-to-end data science platform that comes with strong user support. Whether you want to use it to learn data science modeling and application techniques, to teach a course at university or online, to do research for a project, or to evaluate the software for industrial purposes, we've got you covered. In addition, Altair AI Studio is available to everyone for free for non-commercial purposes.  

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Learn Altair AI Studio (and Get Certified)

Altair RapidMiner Academy


Learning Content

We offer free access to micro-modular learning content through our academy catalog. The catalog contains the general topics, "Applications & Use Cases", "Machine Learning", "Data Engineering", and "Administration and Deployment". All courses are designed with our users' role-based learning requirements in mind.

RM Certifications

Multi-Level, Multi-Topic Certification Exams

The Altair RapidMiner certification program offers role-based certification for different knowledge domains and levels (e.g., the first level is called "Professional" and the second level is "Master"). All certificates can be earned independently of each other.

Upon completion of each certification exam, you're awarded a certificate as well as a badge that you can share through business network sites and social media.


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Leverage fully documented examples and realistic use cases to explore how data science is used for real-world applications. The Goldmine gives you a great starting point to explore exactly how data science is used for business applications.

You can also submit your own solution for certification and share it with others or learn from the solutions that others have posted.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Explore these examples of the many open courses, on the most popular online learning platforms, which are being taught with Altair RapidMiner and attended by tens of thousands of students.  Participate in one or more yourself!  And let us know if you might like to teach your own online course.

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Teach Data Science to Anyone with Altair AI Studio

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Teach with Altair AI Studio

Course instructors across many disciplines teach data analysis techniques with Altair AI Studio because it helps students make more informed decisions from data without requiring expert coding skills. This approach helps ensure students of any skill level or career choice can obtain data-driven insight as citizen data scientists!

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Numerous Course Application Opportunities 

Data science and analytics are considered hot topics in almost all industries nowadays and more and more educators are including them into their curriculums to stay up to date on what their students will be exposed to in their future careers.

AI Studio enables you to incorporate data science into your classes without having to teach your students how to code. 

It also helps you adapt your course content and depth to the skill level and goals of your students, whether they are data science novices or more experienced data scientists.

RapidMiner Platform Demo

The Altair RapidMiner Platform

AI Studio is only one tool in our amazing world of Altair RapidMiner, our data analytics and AI platform. Come with us as we discover how Altair RapidMiner is changing the game in data science and AI solutions through a real-world manufacturing use case. From predicting car prices to enhancing vehicle designs using generative AI, we’ll explore project planning, data preparation, advanced data science techniques, and model consumption. You'll see firsthand how Altair RapidMiner seamlessly integrates coding-based solutions, deploys models, and ensures project success. Exciting stuff, right?

  • Intro
  • Planning & Design
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Exploration & Visualization
  • Data Science Techniques & Machine Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Notebooks & IDEs
  • Model Consumption
  • Project Progress
  • Key Take Aways

Get Inspired by Other Teachers

Experience how others are leveraging Altair AI Studio for teaching and learning.

RapidMiner Wisdom Conference 2020


Tamilla Triantoro, Quinnipiac University

In this session, Tamilla Triantoro presents how she adopted RapidMiner for teaching machine learning concepts, including topics and techniques she covered in class, student feedback, and the support she’s received from RapidMiner unicorns.

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Matt North, Utah Valley University

Since the publication of its first edition back in 2012, Data Mining for the Masses has become a staple gateway text for learning data science and analytics using RapidMiner. This presentation reviews the latest enhancements to the book, now published in its fourth edition as an interactive, smart textbook on the MyEducator platform.

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Heatherly Carlson, Central Connecticut State University

Heatherly Carlson explores the relationship between NFL player intangibles and quarterback (QB) outcome measures using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to provide insights into QB success and QB intangible variables and provide recommendations for future QB drafts.

Watch The Video

Watch more AI Studio Presentations from the Altair Data Science Day 2023


“RapidMiner simplifies the complex world of data analytics for my students and empowers them to focus on what really matters: leveraging data to create meaningful business solutions.”​

Professor Tamilla Triantoro , Quinnipiac School of Business

Research Papers using RapidMiner

Research Papers

Find articles, theses, books, and abstracts from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, and universities that use Rapidminer for their work and research. 


Join fellow learners and experts in the Altair RapidMiner Community.

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