The Altair Global Academic Program and the Altair Partner Alliance (APA)

APA for education is designed to help students and educators build a better tomorrow. Together with Altair, the APA partners mentioned below offer solutions that help close the skills gap and empower the next generation of designers, engineers and critical thinkers. As part of Altair's academic program, APA solutions are available for students and educators in universities globally.

Please ensure these conditions are satisfied before requesting access:

To be eligible for FREE academic APA licenses, university Institutes and applicants must be classified as educational or non-profit and certify that they will not perform commercial research.

For all applications:

    • Institute must have an existing Altair license.* (License can be paid-up or lease).
    • An academic APA license is limited to a maximum duration of one year. For renewals, a new license request must be resubmitted.

Application for Teaching: 

    • Request must come from a professor/teacher.

Application for Research: 

    • Request must come from a professor/teacher, PhD/Master/Bachelor student or student team participating in a student competition.
    • The license must be installed on the university server.
    • Altair will receive a report detailing the research conducted with the APA partner license.

* Student teams participating in student competitions, sponsored by Altair with an Altair server license or hosted licenses, are encouraged to submit a request, even if their university does not have an Altair license. 

The following partners have agreed to consider requests from universities for FREE access to their APA simulation programs, provided the universities are existing Altair customers:


Request for your academic APA license