Slash Simulation Modelling & Analysis Set Up Time with Automation in Altair SimLab

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Analysing full-featured parametric CAD assemblies is an extremely labour intensive process requiring skilled CAE expertise. Common practices to shorten simulation cycles have included simplifying and defeaturing CAD geometry which offers little engineering value and can negatively impact results accuracy and consistency. There's a better way.

This webinar, the 3rd in our SimLab multiphysics series, will introduce you to the automation capabilities of Altair SimLab, a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment that can drastically improve pre-processing efficiency, accelerating analysis cycles times by as much as 5x while cutting modelling time down to just a few minutes.

Join us and see through a live demonstration how you can automate recurring modelling tasks to reduce errors and time spent manually creating finite element models. Learn how to define processes which can be executed in an automated sequence and see how simple it is to create a completely automated and parametrized process from a SimLab model, all without the need for programming skills.

If you use HyperWorks, you already have access to SimLab. See what it can do!


Watch and Learn:

  • How SimLab utilises Python language and advanced feature recognition on models to make automation accessible, robust and powerful.
  • How even load case setup and solution can be automated through the use of templates and coloured geometric features.
  • How tailored, semi-automated solutions can be developed for even the most complex assembly level designs through ribbon customisation.

This webinar is part of a three part series. Take a look at the rest of the series here.

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