Altair Twin Activate® Personal Edition

Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation Software


Get access to the Altair Twin Activate® Personal Edition, designed for non-commercial, hobbyist, and personal use. This edition includes standard features that are ideal for personal projects, academic research, nonprofit organizations, and anyone looking to explore product performance with our powerful software. 

Twin Activate’s open, flexible integration platform allows users to simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems. With its intuitive interface and extensive library of pre-built components, Twin Activate makes it easy to model and simulate complex systems and perform multiphysics analysis throughout the product development cycle.

Why Altair Twin Activate®?

  • 1D system simulation. Hundreds of powerful math operations and built-in functions for calculations. 
  • Block diagrams, control system design. Develop smart systems involving sensors, actuators, feedback, and built-in logic with a natural modeling approach.
  • Mix signal-based and physical modeling in one diagram. Model common mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, and thermal physical components with pre-defined Modelica libraries.
  • Faster than 3D simulations. Relying on greater levels of model abstraction enables more product performance insight earlier and rapid design exploration. 
  • Functional mockup interface (FMI) support. Easily import functional mockup units (FMUs) and seamlessly exchange models or co-simulate with other FMI-supported tools.

Altair's solutions provide flexibility and fast answers, even for complex questions. Digital twins make it possible to achieve this level of flexibility and time savings in product design."

— Luca Gatti, energy and sustainability expert, Gruppo Cimbali

Twin Activate Personal Edition FAQ

The Altair Twin Activate® Personal Edition is tailored for individuals seeking non-commercial, hobbyist, or personal use. It offers standard features suitable for personal projects, academic research, nonprofit organizations, or anyone interested in exploring product performance using our robust software. 

To learn about the capabilities offered by different editions of Twin Activate, consult the Twin Activate Comparison chart.

Upon installation, the free trial license is valid for 180 days. 

For Personal Edition users, support is provided through the Altair Community. Technical support via calls, emails, or tickets is not included with the Personal Edition.

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