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Elevate Aerospace Analytics: Smart Factory Explored with Real-World Use Cases

In aerospace manufacturing, every inefficiency can have far-reaching consequences, from compromised quality to lost uptime. This webinar will feature a guest speaker from Safran Aero Boosters and unveil how you can leverage your data to counter inefficiencies, and more importantly, how your people can drive data analysis and insights without coding expertise. Elevate operational insights through collaborative, code-free data science, optimizing processes and propelling innovation in manufacturing with resources you already have.



Circle Headshot_Anthony Mc Loughlin

Tony Mc Loughlin

Global, VP, AI & Aerospace


Herve Delhalle Speaker Headshot

Hervé Delhalle

Manufacturing 4.0 Lead

Safran Aero Boosters

Circle Headshot_Claudio Keck

Claudio Keck

Data Scientist