Advanced Simulation for Structural Engineers

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Meeting the global demand for more sustainable, more sophisticated structures 

Engineering solutions in the Altair Structural Engineer suite expand capabilities and reduce project time. See an overview of the AEC  solutions available with Altair Unites (AU) licensing, including fast mesh-free analysis, optimization, advanced meshing, virtual wind-tunnel simulation, and more.
Watch the overview webinar to learn about expanded capabilities and reduced design times for complex structures using Altair AEC solutions, available with Altair Units licensing and the SE suite.
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Additional AEC Solution Webinar Topics

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Fast Mesh-Free Analysis

Altair SimSolid is a technological breakthrough enabling civil and structural engineers to analyze fully-featured CAD assemblies in minutes, eliminating the time-consuming task of CAD geometry simplification and mesh definition. Perform multiple iterations of complex models and explore alternatives at blazing speed. Discover the advantages of adopting SimSolid into your project's workflow.

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Innovative, Efficient and Structurally Sound Designs

Optimization solutions, applied early in the design cycle, can lead to innovative solutions, help steer decision-making, and ensure more efficient, high-performing structures. Discover the advantages of adopting optimization solutions into your project's workflow.

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High Fidelity Meshing for Complex Designs

This advanced meshing overview for the AEC industry describes when advanced meshing is ideal for 1D, 2D, and 3D applications and the open architecture that enables HyperMesh's pre-processor to integrate with workflows using different FEA solvers.

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cfd for wind engineering

CFD for wind engineering applications

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a powerful tool in the AEC design workflow. For designers, concept-stage aerodynamic simulation helps influence designs to uphold the client's vision while adhering to downstream performance targets. This webinar presents a high-level overview of CFD applications in the AEC industry.

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