Altair Mini Event:
Simulation-driven Innovation for Electrical Machines

The electrification of functions in transportation is bringing new challenges to the design of electric machines. Often high-speed for compactness and controlled by PWM techniques, electric machines have to be efficient throughout a wide range of torques and speeds to save battery energy over driving cycles. To face these challenges, new technologies and topologies have to be found.

Simulation and optimization tools are evolving to help provide innovative solutions. Electromagnetic simulation is at the heart of what should be modelled, but other constraints such as those coming from thermal effects, vibrations, structural stress and overall system requirements have also to be considered.

During the Mini-Event "Simulation Driven Innovation for Electrical Machines" on May 21st at 2:00 pm on the CWIEME Central Stage our customers and experts will be presenting how they have used our Simulation-Driven Design solutions to help further their development of innovative products.




Vincent Leconte

Director of Program Management, Altair

Welcome - Simulation-driven Innovation for Electrical Machines

As time-to-market is key for success, the tools have to offer a streamlined optimization process, allowing to search the design space widely and efficiently, helping motor designers to meet all kinds of multiphysics constraints. Altair, with its Simulation-driven Innovation solutions offers this kind of multiphysics environment. From 1D to 3D, Altair HyperWorks can be used at different stages within the development process, to deal with all kinds of challenges the design of electric machines may imply.

Batiste Galmes

Dr. Batiste Galmès
R&D engineer of the Advanced R&D department, Moving Magnet Technologies

Acoustic optimization for concentrate winding BLDC motors

In this talk, we introduce a novel stator topology for a permanent magnet synchronous machine dedicated to high speed applications. Thanks to finite element analysis, this stator has been designed as a compromise between the acoustic care, the mechanical performances, and the mass production feasibility. The novel topology can be seen as an improvement of an existing architecture fulfilling the last two points.


Jose F. Viyeira Martínez

R&D Engineer, Vortex Bladeless

Vortex Bladeless, Wind Energy Without Blades

Vortex Bladeless is developing a technology that extracts energy from the wind thank to Vortex Shedding and Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV). Among others, the main fields of investigation we are working on are CFD, FEA and Electromagnetic Interactions. Within our technology, these fields are all connected, so one affects the others. For that, Altair’s suite software is helping us not only to understand the phenomena. It is so important that we consider Altair as a part of the process of maturation of the technology.

  • Acusolve is helping us to understand the aeroelastic phenomena of VIV and to improve the shape of the device in order to be able to extract as much energy as possible from the wind.
  • We use Flux to design the part inside the device that transforms the energy extracted from the wind into electricity.


Gorazd Gotovac,

CTO, Elaphe Propulsion

Power Density with Low Noise and Vibration – Innovative In-wheel Electric Motor

NVH is becoming one of the key aspects of electric mobility and in-wheel motors are no exception. With its high torque and high performance, in-wheel motors can cover a wide range of vehicle applications. At the same time, these high-power electric machines need to be designed in the right way in order to meet increasingly strict NVH regulations. In order to predict the NVH performance of the in-wheel motor, Elaphe has developed its own simulation methodology. Combined with NVH optimization algorithms developed inhouse and using Altair products, Elaphe has managed to greatly improve the overall NVH performance of its motor.


Vincent Leconte

Director of Program Management, Altair (France)

Wrap Up


Panel Discussion


  • Batiste Galmès, R&D Engineer, Moving Magnet
  • Gorazd Gotovac, CTO, Elaphe Propulsion
  • Diego José Palomar Trullén, R&D Engineer, Vortex Bladeless
  • Vincent Leconte, Director of Program Management, Altair








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Altair's Booth Presence:
Innovation Solutions for E-Mobilty & Electric Machines

At the CWIEME Altair booth in hall 3.1 (e-mobility hall), booth 31D10 visitors can experience Altair's solutions for simulation-driven design and multi-physics optimization of electric machinery, including e-motors, power grids, generators, and transformers.

A special focus will be on solutions for e-mobility, featuring case studies from Elaphe, Gulplug, Porsche and white papers on e-motors and model based development.


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