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Altair at RAPID 2019
Showcasing 25+ years of leadership in generative design for manufacturing

 Through highly engineered examples displayed in the Altair booth and our customers throughout the show floor, we will highlight the importance of driving design through complex performance criteria and manufacturing constraints to INSPIRE lightweight concepts, early in the design process.  Excited to be announcing a new 3D printing software solution, to the world at RAPID wherein users can generate their designs, and optimize the printing process by creating support structures and run a thermo-mechanical simulation, all in one single environment. 

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Exhibit Featured Parts

Solid-Lattice Hip Prosthesis Design

Applying topology and lattice optimization to reduce stress shielding from hip implants. Read the Blog post to learn more 

M&H Aerospace Bracket  

 19% stiffer, 36% lighter, and 91% waste reduction (improved buy-to-fly ratio)

Re-designed Actuator Bracket  

Design economical, high performing, and light weight structures for additive manufacturing

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