A live connection between physical and digital worlds to optimize product performance & operation


 According to John Vickers “The ultimate vision for the digital twin is to create, test and build our equipment in a virtual environment”

Along with terms like “Industry 4.0” or the often in its connection used “Digital Twin, people are seeking for answers to these challenges. 

The “Digital Twin” is both – one of the most often used terms of today and at the same time still not really clear to everyone. To help avoiding misunderstandings, finding answers to the following questions might be useful.


  • What differentiates a Digital Twin from a “simple” simulation model? 


  • What are the requirements for a Digital Twin?


  • Twins, Triplets or even more - How many Digital Twins are really needed?


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Altair builds Digital Twins by combining system models, high fidelity simulation models on top of a flexible IoT platform.
Altair Unified Twin
Product Optimization

Optimize design to improve product performance

Asset Management

Conduct advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance

Operational Insight

Gain visibility in the in-service life of the product to reduce operating cost