Altair for Aerospace Learning Center

Videos of aero applications you can solve with Altair simulation products



Read CAE Data Natively
Coupling with Python
HyperWorks Automation Tool
Digital Data Compression
Custom Library Creation



Convert Zone Based Composite Model to Ply Based
Composite Shell to Solid Conversion
Import CATIA Composite Data
Drape Estimator
Orientation Review



Fast Bolt Modelling with Connectors

Field Mapping


Generic Data Mapping to Entities
Map Pressures from a Parametric Field
Map Property Distributions from Other Models
Map Results from a Run on Your Model
Mapping of a Discrete or Continuous Pressure Field
Store and Reuse Material Orientation



Loadstep Browser for OptiStruct & Nastran
Model Browser
Model Checker
Tags and Titles
Comparison Tool
Save and Restore Views in HyperMesh



DOE - Plane Rib Thickness Study
DOE - Shape Optimization
DOE - Multiple Models



Create Derived Loadsteps in HyperView
Create Derived Results in HyperView
Free Body Diagrams in HyperView
HyperWorks Desktop - Global Overview
Convert Result Files with HvTrans
Import Multiple Results Files in HyperView
Create Measures in HyperView
Create Notes in HyperView
Publish and Report Results
Review Systems in HyperView
Using Sets in HyperView
Synchronize Windows and Apply Style



Pretension Manager
Contour Loads

Matrix Browser

Scale SPC Loads with Matrix Browser
Matrix Browser Renaming Components
Matrix Browser Introduction



Quality Index
Spatial Renumbering
Improve Element Quality with Smoothing



Midsurface Extraction and Thickness Assignment

Model Build & Assembly


Modeling Workflow - Part and Representation



Freehand Method