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Tips and Tricks

Learn some tricks to speed up your process

ECAD Import
Drop Test DOE
DOE: Post-Process in HS
Update on CAD Editing
Simplify Bodies
Iso Surface
Groups Behaviour
Motor Mesh
ElectroFlow Solution
Move Face
Shared Entities
CAD Material Assigning
Wrapper Mesh
CFD Volume Mesh
Matching Mesh
Parametric Operations
Inspire Studio Interface
Create Sub Result Panel
Snap Fill Enhancement
Cartesian Hex Mesh
EFlow Create Mesh Plane
CAD Editing Tools
2D Mesh with Shared Faces
Plot Loading Table
Fluid Domain
Uniform Vector Display
Mesh Displacement Animation
Interior Node Set Creation
Retaining MC and Groups
Animation Support 
Move Tool
Start Animation
Reposition Enhancement
MeshControl Transfer
ReplaceBodies For Solution
UI Customization
Collapse Edge
Proximity Mesh Control
Review in Solution Browser
Boundary Layer on 2D Bodies