Altair Grid Engine Tech Day 2021

Live Virtual Workshop | Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 1pm - 4pm EST

server_room_2Join the brightest minds in the HPC community to collaborate, inspire, and learn from each other at this complimentary event. Gain practical knowledge to enhance and improve the management of the HPC systems under your control.

Access the best practices and troubleshooting tips to maximize your Altair Grid Engine cluster, a leading workload management solution. With Altair NavOps, the cloud spend management and automation platform, you can easily burst workloads to the cloud.

Manage budgets, users, and resources efficiently while maximizing the power of your HPC cluster. Make informed business decisions to improve throughput and gain a competitive edge with hybrid cloud computing.


Time Topic Speakers
1:00 Welcome and introduction Kirk Monroe
1:10 Get Altair Grid Engine up and running in minutes Andy Schwierskott
1:40 Altair Grid Engine best practices and troubleshooting Marco Donhauer
2:10 Break  
2:20 HPC anywhere with Altair NavOps, job submission, HPC in the cloud, customization options, troubleshooting and tips Bill Bryce
2:50 Altair Grid Engine's newest features Andy Schwierskott
3:20 Turnkey HPC Appliance - Workload Management Made Easy Rick Watkins
3:30 Ask the expert Bill Bryce, Kirk Monroe, Neil Bendov



Why attend?


Learn about Altair Grid Engine, HPC cloud, and data center solutions to maximize compute resources.


Access best practices and troubleshooting tips to optimize your workload management solution.


Share experiences with peers and meet HPC experts.

Altair Grid Engine Experts

Andy Schwierskott headshot
Andy Schwierskott
Product Manager, Altair Grid Engine
Kirk Monroe - headshot
Kirk Monroe
Director of Americas Sales, Enterprise Solutions
M Donauer Headshot
Marco Donauer
Customer Support Manager
B Bryce headshot
Bill Bryce
VP of Product Management
Neil Bendov - headshot
Neil Bendov
Marketing Director
Rick Watkins Headshot
Rick Watkins
Senior Director, Cloud Solutions

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