Altair® Hero™

Revolutionary new scheduling technology for hardware emulators

With design complexity increasing and CPU speed plateauing, hardware emulators are becoming a cost of doing business for semiconductor design teams looking to accelerate complex simulations with long runtimes and for software co-development. The 'cost' of emulators is immense, though, and in an industry that thrives on tuning for optimization across every dimension possible, emulators have remained outside the typical resource utilization strategies - until now.

Introducing Hero 2.0

Finally, Hero 2.0 empowers teams to schedule for hardware emulators just like any other datacenter resource. With Hero, you'll ensure more effective use of emulator resources, share emulators across multiple teams and projects, and strive for 24x7 utilization, all without significant setup and maintenance.

What's Available in Hero 2.0 

  • Emulator agnostic queuing solution. Users of Palladium Z1​, Zebu Z4​, HAPS, as well as Pd Z2 & Protium​, Veloce​, Zebu Z3 are welcome to request access
  • Easy install and setup
  • Leverages core scheduling code
  • Supports JobClasses, reservations, limits and fairshare
  • Rich GUI for reporting and resource utilization visualization
  • Simple, abstracted web UI.
  • Run ‘support’ jobs (compile/testgen/scripts) on the attached emulator hosts 

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