HPC & Cloud Solutions for Life Sciences

Hosted Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Life Sciences Webinar - Altair, RCH Solutions and Johnson & Johnson

Scale Your HPC Infrastructure for Faster Life Sciences Discovery

As a consumer of cloud resources in life sciences, infrastructure updates can expose your team to huge workflow disruptions and require vast resources to navigate. The top-performing organizations strike the right balance between flexibility for end-users and robust, supported, scalable infrastructure for IT stakeholders.

In this live webinar, HPC and life sciences industry experts from RCH Solutions and Johnson & Johnson will outline how life sciences organizations can build and manage a scalable, flexible, automated, cloud-agnostic, multi-cluster, heterogeneous HPC environment that meets the following criteria:

  • Integrated supported software stack
  • Easy job submission portal
  • Vendor-agnostic
  • Flexible, cloud-ready heterogeneous scheduler
  • Dynamic configurable cloud infrastructure orchestration
  • Job-level I/O monitoring for maximum efficiency and utilization
  • Dependency analysis for simple dynamic heterogeneous cluster automation
  • Manage multiple clusters with a single environment, GUI, CLI, API


Martin Dellwo
Manager, Advanced Computing PLO
Johnson & Johnson
Martin Dellwo has over 30 years’ experience as both a consumer and architect/administrator of Unix/Linux-based scientific computing environments. Marty currently focuses on optimizing the HPC environment to bring maximum value and accelerate the drug discovery process for Janssen R&D Pharmaceuticals within Johnson & Johnson.
Phil RCH
Adrien (Phil) Eschallier
Chief Technology Officer
RCH Solutions
With more than 25 years of experience as a managerial and technical computing professional, Phil currently leads RCH’s Managed Services capabilities and is responsible for all elements of the customer experience, including requirements and resources management, and services definitions and delivery.
B Bryce headshot-1
Bill Bryce
VP of Product Management
Bill Bryce brings 25 years of experience to his position as VP of Product Management. He has played a key role in the high-performance computing and workload management space.